Hi. Welcome to Netwar Diary. My name is Gerry Bello, I'm a journalist who is focused on Computer Security, Surveillance, Electronic Election Fraud, National Security and Human Rights.  Everything on this site is something I wrote.

57 of the over 100 articles on this site appear in my new book: My Netwar Diaries Volume 1: Post-Constitutional America. I of course think it is a most execellent book and think you should buy it. This site was built in part to support the book.


Additionally, as you will note from the fact the the title includes "Volume 1", I intend to have produce additional books on the concept of Netwar in actual practice.  Some of the the articles here will appear in those forthcomming books.

Much of my journalistic work and interest has been national and international in scope. I am now at a place where I have local publications that print my work, but no national voice of my own. This site gives me that as well.

Most of the articles here (at least initially) have appeared elsewhere:

I used to be a writer for the FreePress.org so many of the articles appeared there.

I also  used to be the online managing editor of their more locally focused print publication, The Columbus Free Press. Some of the work I produced there was national or international in scope so it fits here as well.

I am currently building up to launch my own local print publication here in Columbus Ohio called the Mockingbird. Some of those articles are of a national or international scope and fit here.

I am also a national section writer for the San Francisco based Outsider News and the London based Leveller.


As time moves forward, some articles will be unique to this site alone.


All the work here was written by me and is copyrighted by me. This site is owned by the Mockingbird Publishing Company located in Columbus Ohio. I am part owner of said corporation. That corporation has been given the right to run these stores. If you wish to reprint these stories, in whole or in part, please obtain permission from me before doing so. If you need to cite these stories for your own research, academic work, blogs, or other journalistic work, please include a direct link to the story here and cite properly. Enjoy.