Prince Andrew has gotten some unflattering ink spilled on his name by the press recently. It began when Sharon Churcher, investigative editor of the National Enquirer, revealed that at least one woman has come forward with allegations that she was used by the royal as a sex slave after being groomed and procured by billionaire and convicted child prostitute solicitor Jeffery Epstein and his then girl friend, newspaper heiress Ghislaine Maxwell. Both the English and the American tabloid press are stringing the scandal along, yet simultaneously forgetting the past.

The Citizens United Supreme Court decision stated clearly that in America corporations are people and have rights. It did not say whether or not corporations have souls. It is not clear if the Supreme Court can transcend it's normal temporal level of power and grant a corporation a soul. If so such a thing were to happen, would said corporate soul transcend national boundaries or would the corporation still be soulless across the Rio Grande at a maquiladora?

Promise them anything, give them what they get, and fuck them if they can’t take a joke.”

–Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to a staff member regarding the Kurds in 1975

As horrific as it is to watch in real time what is happening in Kobani, you have to step back and understand the strategic objective,…[Kobani] is not of strategic importance” –Secretary of State John Kerry to the press regarding the Kurds October 8th 2014

Since the beginning of the recent protest movement around the deaths of multiple unarmed African American men at the hands of police in multiple states there has been a push for police to wear body cameras. In the Tamir Rice and  John Crawford III cases here in Ohio, video exists in the public sphere that clearly shows what happened. Yet in both cases the policeman who pulled the trigger is still free to roam the streets and still feeding at the public trough.

In the wake of the failure of a grand jury proceeding to indict Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson Missouri, President Obama has finally taken a material rather than rhetorical step on the issue. The widespread unrest sparked by public anger at the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, who witnesses testified had his hands up surrendering to Wilson, could not be ignored by the Whitehouse any longer.

A Grand Jury decision on issuing an indictment of police involved in the Ferguson Missouri shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer is expected with in days, perhaps even hours. Missouri, and the nation in general await, as decision not to indict is expected to be met with large scale protests while a decision to indict may well be met by celebration. Either way, Governor Nixon of Missouri has sent clear messages that protests will be met with repression.

Free Press readers may be familiar with Scytl, the promoter of online and mobile voting, and their apparent connections to the intelligence community. Renewed research into Scytl has revealed new connections to the intelligence community, new market positioning, and new opportunities for both personalized surveillance and electronic election fraud.

Edward Snowden was not cleared for the details of this program. He revealed it's existence nonetheless. The program is called BULLRUN and it appears to have been going on for a very long time. Snowden's 2013 revelation of it in the New York Times does not appear to have slowed it down. In fact, it appears that the NSA and FBI have retreated to a more comfortable controversy from the Clinton Era, complete with technology from the time period. Remember the Clipper Chip? Like Vanilla Ice, it endlessly returns from the 1990s, growing worse each time.

Two anecdotes, separated by 52 years and a continent, converge to add a new twist to the heated District 17 California State Assembly race to fill the seat of San Francisco progressive stalwart Tom Ammiano. In one Ex-CIA agent, Phil Agee, who was the Edward Snowden of his day, talks of his direct influence in Latin American electoral politics. In another, a tech start-up dumps money into the campaign of a San Francisco board of Supervisors member running for state Assembly.


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