Pope Paul, Malcolm X, British Politician SexJ.F.K. blown away, what else do I have to say” – Billy Joel, We Didn't Start the Fire.

The rash of publicity in the United States surrounding the ongoing pattern of murder of black citizens by law enforcement has prompted half-heartedcalls for reform. There is a presidential commission which already had conclusions in mind before it went to work. Those conclusions, echoed by some segments of the new civil rights movement, include body cameras on police officers.

The Guardian recently ran a story, which was part of a series, on Wonga. Although the legalized loan shark has received buckets of flying mud from many quarters, the Guardian missed a spot. While the public dialogue has noted Wonga’s capital backers, a detail that had been missed is that Wonga is backed by a trio of companies with a history of investment in intelligence community projects.

The Citizens United Supreme Court decision stated clearly that in America corporations are people and have rights. It did not say whether or not corporations have souls. It is not clear if the Supreme Court can transcend it's normal temporal level of power and grant a corporation a soul. If so such a thing were to happen, would said corporate soul transcend national boundaries or would the corporation still be soulless across the Rio Grande at a maquiladora?

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